You play a part in your friend's employment.

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Refer and be Rewarded

Know a friend, relative or colleague who is looking for a job change? Make a simple referral and be rewarded with attractive gifts from us once he/she gets placed successfully!

Good things are for sharing. Friends share good places to hangout, good movies to watch and good deals to grab. So, why not good job opportunities?

If you think your friend suits a job we have, simply refer him/her to us and let us do the rest. *Once your friend is emplaced successfully, both you and your friend each will be rewarded up to $1000 vouchers (e.g. Takashimaya, Cold Storage etc.)! A Win-Win!

*Terms and Conditions apply
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Step 1

Refer a Job

After you login to your account, upon clicking on the "Refer This Job" button that appears beside each Job Opening, you will be provided with a unique link to be forwarded to your friend. On the same page, you will be able to view the value of the reward vouchers.

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Step 2

Job Emplacement

After your friend applies for the job through the link provided, you will receive a notification email. You will be notified if your friend is successfully hired.

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Step 3

Be Rewarded Together

After 3 months of continual emplacement, we will contact you and your friend for the referral rewards.