Internal Risk Controller

Industry: Wood / Fibre / Paper

Specialism: Accounting / Audit / Taxation - Accounting/Audit/Taxation Management

Central,Singapore SGD 4,000 - 5,000

Job Description

- Establish and improve the internal control system and process of the company's business and projects, and participate in the sorting out of the company's various systems and processes.
- Assisted the management to conduct internal audit, including operation, financial situation, asset management, security risk and other projects; evaluated the effect of the operation through the inspection of each project; prepared internal audit reports and issued them to relevant departments to follow up the improvement;
- Provide advisory support to management in timely and adequate completion of the Control Self Assessments
- Evaluated the internal operation risks of the company according to each project, and timely issued risk tips to reduce various risks in operation.
- Any other assignment as and when assigned by the managing director.

Job Requirements

- Degree in Accounting/Auditing or equivalent
- Min 3 years of experience in Internal control or equivalent
- Solid understanding of internal controls and corporate governance
- Flexibility to work in an international and fast-paced environment and meet tight deadlines
- Highly organized and client-focused team player
- Possess experience liaising with overseas (e.g China) counterpart/headquarter
- Able to prepare or translate reports in Chinese (in order to submit it to Beijing headquarter)


- Bonus