Shift Superintendent

Industry: Oil & Gas

Specialism: Operations - Operations

Jazan, Saudi Arabia USD 10,000 - 15,000

About Company

Our client is the World biggest oil producer. It has 270 Billion barrels in reserves. They are also the world's most profitable company, eclipsing even tech giants such as Apple Inc.

Job Description

- Experienced Shift Superintendent to work in the Jazan Refinery. The refinery will have the capacity to process 400,000 BPD of Arabian Heavy and Arabian Medium crude oils to produce gasoline, ultra-low-sulfur diesel, benzene, and paraxylene.
- Supervise the operations of the Refinery during the shift and ensure that all activities are in accordance with the Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental Conservation and Security regulations.
- Contribute to the timely delivery of the Refinery products and operations as per the quality and quantity standards specified by Scheduling Division.
- Manage and ensure Emergency Response preparedness during the shift and lead immediate actions response to deal with upset or unstable operational conditions in coordination with all involved personnel, including the respective Shift Supervisor, the Fire Shift Supervisor, the Security Shift Supervisor and the medical support, if needed.
- Launch the Emergency Response in case of large event and request external support if needed. Submit regular reports to the Refinery Management along with factual description of the Refinery accidents/ incidents.
- Coordinate and ensure the effective stabilization of the Refinery operational conditions during upsets or transitory phases when more than one area is affected.
- Coordinate and follow-up the overall start-up or shutdown activities during the shift when more than one area is involved according to the predefined plans, schedules and instructions developed by the Area Superintendent/ Foreman and the Scheduling Team. Provide the necessary support the Shift Supervisor of the affected area if required.
- Control and coordinate the activities across the Operations and Offsite areas to ensure the fulfilment of the Environmental regulations, such as flare, water quality, flue gas, waste, during outside the normal working hours.
- Carry on field inspections within all operations and offsite areas to promote proper housekeeping activities, identify and eliminate unsafe conditions, validate and check work permits and ensure correct disposal of waste.
- Work during weekends to lead the Daily Operations Meeting and ensure close coordination and communication channels with all Area Shift Supervisors and Offsite Supervisors to ensure the achievement of the Scheduling instructions.
- Handover the Emergency Response responsibility to the next post command / Incident commander.
- Launch and follow-up the Refinery upset scenarios giving the main actions and priorities to the Operations and Offsite Shift Supervisors with a special focus on the common networks (such as Fuel Gas, Flare, Steam, Hydrogen, syngas Gas, waste water, slops, and nitrogen) and the product quality management.
- Authorize and launch emergency maintenance activities outside the normal working hours and upon the request of the Area Supervisor. Authorize the withdrawal of materials from the main warehouse, if needed.
- During outside the working hours, ensure and support the realization of risk analysis for any unusual operational or maintenance activities and authorize the hot work, if needed. Attend periodically group safety meetings.
- Authorize specific activities out of normal hours, such as the emergency supply of chemicals, and fill and transmit the Shift Superintendent report.
- Work on the request of the operations Manager, during normal working hours, and perform special studies, such as reliability studies.
- Assist the Manager Operations and Optimization on specific activities, such as incident analysis, specific working group, training activities and operations procedures.
- Perform other related duties as assigned by the operations manager.

Job Requirements

- A Bachelor Degree in relevant vocational specialty.
- At least twelve (12) years of refinery operational experience including five (5) years in supervisory role and minimum of three (3) years as Area Operations Foreman.
- Fluency in English language (both verbal and written).


- Expat Package