Brand Manager

Industry: Healthcare

Specialism: Beauty / Personal Care - Beauty & Wellness

Central,Singapore SGD 5,000 - 6,500 (Negotiable)

About Company

Our Client won more than 5 awards providing luxury treatments and beauty services all designed to balance both body and mind and to work harmoniously with each other. They offer a wide range of carefully curated services and treatments, each selected and designed for maximum efficacy and effectiveness. you’ll find all the solutions to all your beauty and wellness needs at one location nestled in a quiet corner in the heart of the Orchard Road district.

Job Description

- Drive the organisation's brand equity through the development of brand plans, customer loyalty plans and brand identity guidelines.
- Lead initiatives to deliver the desired brand experience for the organisation across all channels.
- Responsible for leading market research efforts to formulate plans/strategies for the brand and target customers.
- Work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment where he/she creates a consistent brand experience throughout the organisation.
- Being an innovative, energetic, collaborative and highly adaptable team leader.
- Possess strong business acumen with a high level of initiative.
- Assess effectiveness of programmes.
- Build customer awareness and perception.
- Develop a customer experience map to ensure consistent customer experience across channels.
- Develop brand communication plans.
- Develop brand experience ideas and concepts.
- Develop brand plans.
- Develop customer acquisition and retention programme mechanics.
- Develop customer loyalty plans.
- Develop market research plan and methodologies to support market research study objectives.
- Develop the concepts, style, look-and-feel, language and tone of the brand.
- Drive brand campaign planning.
- Evaluate alternate market research channels.
- Evaluate effectiveness of brand campaigns.
- Identify demographics and characteristics of target profiles.
- Interpret trends, market developments and competitor market performance.
- Manage market research activities.
- Measure and analyse customer satisfaction and feedback. Monitor brand equity performance.
- Monitor quality and alignment of products in accordance to product quality guidelines.
- Report findings and recommendations to relevant stakeholders in accordance with organizational procedures.

Job Requirements

- At least a diploma from a recognized institution.
- At least 4-5 years of relevant experience, preferably from the beauty and wellness industry
- Location: Orchard
- Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm