Smart Contract Engineer

Industry: Science & Technology

Specialism: Information Technology (IT) - IT - Software / Development

Central,Singapore SGD 4,000 - 6,000 (Negotiable)

About Company

Our client is the first leading wallet company in the world to offer Staking and masternode rewards on user holdings, making it easy for users to grow their digital assets effortlessly.

Our client offers a secure mobile wallet, high-end cold storage wallet for advanced users and custodial services for institutional investors. Emphasize long-term security, reliability, and convenience. The company believes in a more free and open world driven by the blockchain technology and human initiatives driven by diversity behind such technology.

The company support POS blockchains and only do the greenest mining-liquidity mining.

Job Description

- Development, testing, deployment and verification of Solidity smart contracts;
- Handle application-oriented interface packaging, SDK development, etc.
- Case collection and research related to smart contracts
- Smart contract security audit

Job Requirements

- Possess qualifications in Computer and related majors with more than 3 years of development experience, and more than 1 year of Solidity smart contract development experience
- Understand Solidity development and optimization, be familiar with Truffle, Hardhat, be proficient in Remix and other development tools, and be familiar with OpenZeppelin and other third-party security contract libraries
- Understand one or more mainstream DeFi projects: Uniswap, Curve, Compound, Synthetix, etc.
- Good communication and teamwork skills