Sales Support Representative

Industry: Technology

Specialism: Operations - Support Services

Tokyo, Japan JPY 400,000 - 500,000

About Company

Our client is an US MNC who specialize in process automation software provider. They provide process management, robotics process automation, e-signature, mobility and customer communication services.

Job Description

- Prompt responses to phone calls and emails
- Redirect requests/issues to appropriate functions
- Ownership of issues through to resolution
- Refer to “Common Requests” for examples
- Provide information on our solutions and services
- Answer product questions
- Uncover new opportunities
- Transition potential opportunities to Sales
- Interact with Sales Executive to ensure PS request to provide SOW
- Interact with Sales Executive to ensure Education for custom proposals
- Provide customer or partner data
- Share contacts and historical knowledge
- Proactive review of opportunities in Deal Desk Dashboard running through checklist
- Check for existing terms on each transaction or issue correct Contract template for new customers
- Track all assigned deals through to closure
- Flag all items that need approvals and ensure approvals are sought for all items
- Verify credit limits through Accounts Receivable and support resolution of overdue invoices
- Engage Deal Managers and/or Legal to handle complex agreements and negotiations
- Ensure revenue recognition compliance with Rev Rec rules
- Generate quotes for software-only transactions with BOM's following Licensing rules
- Check proactively with OF team for complex BOM's or large/strategic deals to ensure no mistakes
- Compile all documentation in an order package
- Create and submit an order package to OF team
- Ensure PO is reviewed and correct as soon as received
- Verify timely shipping of software/licenses before deadlines for Rev Rec
- Ensure CRM opportunity data is updated to reflect final booked deal
- Monitor software and hardware shipments
- Provide updates to Sales Operations leaders
- Archive all contract paperwork
- Support rest of team where help is needed (bandwidth or product expertise)
- Own projects to help improve processes and systems to make team more effective & efficient

Job Requirements

- Understanding of SOX rules and regulations
- Will require an understanding of the business context and rationale for our products and services as well as the business of our resellers.
- Needs to be customer-service oriented and understand the value of accuracy and reliability.
- Needs to work with confidence within a team environment to ensure that overall team targets are achieved.
- Key attributes of the job are friendly and efficient manner and empathy with the customer’s requirements such as the need for accuracy, reliability and good-attitude.
- Possess strong ability to speak and understand English & Japanese in order to communicate effectively with the Asia and global Sales Support team
- Experience working in large corporations and in software business is a plus


- Annual bonus 1.5m JPY